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I Was Not The One In The Video- Shugatiti Denies Being Chopped In Hot Atopa Tape

Fri, 26 May 2023 Source: Managing GH

Denying her involvement in a leaked s3x tape that caused quite a stir on social media, Shugatiti, a well-known nudist and socialite, has addressed the issue in a recent interview. The tape, which she initially shared on her social media accounts, featured her engaging in intimate activities with an unidentified individual from behind. However, Shugatiti swiftly deleted the video after it garnered the attention she sought.

During the interview, Shugatiti firmly asserted that she was not the person depicted in the video and clarified that she has never posted a s3x tape of herself before. Although her claims may come as a surprise to many, the actress and video vixen emphasized that she would never partake in such an act and that she is not involved in the adult entertainment industry.

Previously, Shugatiti had issued a challenge to American p0rn actor King Nasir for a s3xual encounter. However, she later explained that the encounter did not materialize due to her lack of consent and that King Nasir's claim of live broadcasting the event on the internet was not part of her intentions. Shugatiti went on to reveal that she is not attracted to King Nasir and found his behavior during s3xual encounters unappealing.

Reiterating her stance, Shugatiti clarified that her association with provocative bikini pictures does not imply any inclination towards acting in adult content. She expressed her disinterest in King Nasir, stating that he does not align with her preferences and that she had no prior knowledge of his fundraising efforts on Twitter.

In conclusion, Shugatiti has vehemently denied being the individual featured in the leaked s3x tape, emphasizing her unwillingness to participate in such activities and her lack of involvement in the adult entertainment industry. She has clarified her intentions and distanced herself from any association with King Nasir, reiterating her commitment to maintaining her boundaries.

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Source: Managing GH