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Ghana's government is dedicated to turn the country into an industrialised one.

Tue, 5 Sep 2023 Source: nine 9 9

To help the youth find quality opportunities, the Ghanaian government has reaffirmed its commitment to turning the country into an industrialised and entrepreneurial one.

More specifically, the government has stepped up efforts to make sure that young people are educated and equipped to take advantage of the expanding opportunities in today's global community, which is marked by technical innovation in every field.

During the 2023 National Youth Month Celebration in Accra, Pius Enam Hadzide, Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority, said this.

He contends that youth are crucial to the socioeconomic growth of every nation, including Ghana, and that they must be well-educated, empowered, and supported so they may discover and implement solutions.

Oh Sei Joe, the vice president of IYF West Africa, urged the youth to share their hearts with others by adopting an ambitious mindset that aims to transform the world.

He counselled the youth to concentrate on intellectual development so they might think more deeply and address society's myriad issues.

He replied, "This Country will be a lovely place to be in for you and also for others if you educate your mind and have a new perspective. He asked the kids to work hard and come together to support one another as they built the country.

The conference marked the end of this year's Youth Month Celebration, which aimed to give young people the chance to promote policies and take an active role in subjects of national significance.

Source: nine 9 9