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Hanan-Confidence Abdul writes: HOLY STEALING!

Sat, 14 Jan 2023 Source: Mumuni Yunus

By every metric, even by the metrics of the whorehouse, Nana Addo is the least God-fearing to ever rule Ghana. So, I was darned shock when I heard that he was building a Cathedral in fulfillment of a personal pledge to God. Somehow, I felt is was an atonement for supervising the death of eight Ghanaians whose only crime was to participate in a democratic process.

I couldn't just come to terms that Nana Addo of all people is building a Cathedral to the glory of God. Even Prof. John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills, the Asomdwehene, the screamingly religious puritan did not contemplate it. Atta Mills, who spent a significant part of his mornings, in the assemblage of Men of God, did not see a Cathedral as a panacea to our woes. The truly religious man, whose presidency achieved a single digit inflation for over 22 months knew that his personal pledge to his God was not of his people's. Prof. Atta Mills nearly almost repurpose the Seat of Government into a home of papacy yet he never ever felt entitled to use the tax payer's money to honour his God with an edifice.

So, I began to question to the real intent of Nana Addo. But then again, I was hit by the preachings of Jesus Christ. Christ in his last days intimated that in the end times, anti-christses will be pretending to do God's work. But how can one tell a pretender? 2 Timothy 3:5 said, "They will go on pretending to be devoted to God and God's work, but they will refuse to let that “devotion” change the way they live." The deeds and words of Nana Addo and his soul-winning cathedralists are at variance with the scriptures. The mountain of lies they peddled on the Cathedral even makes the devil jealous. No wonder a section of Ghanaians refer to the stalled National Cathedral as the Cathedral of Lies. You cannot engage in glaring wrongdoings in honour of God. Devotion is not merely a noun. In the remit of spirituality, it is a verb. Actions. Deeds!

Nana Addo, his hirelings, in cahoots with his cousin, finance minister Ken Ofori-Atta have successfully destroyed Ghana Beyond Redemption. They've obliterated every economic metric bequeathed to them: debt to GDP, inflation, exchange rate, one-night stand etc.

They've collapsed Ghana. If Ghana was a company, it would've filed for bankruptcy or insolvency. But this completely bankrupted Ghana company is asking employees (citizens) to agree to the liquidation of their private assets and property in order to keep the collapsing company afloat. Whiles at the same time, the Board of Directors, who oversaw the collapse still hold to their fat salaries, fuel guzzlers, perks and skyscrapers. The finance minister calls it Burden Sharing. Indeed, it is BS!

This government and his lecherous bunch gangbanged Ghana to coma. They tried to make fortune out of everything that belong to "all of us" for personal and private gain. Even in Covid (chaos), they took Little Finger's words literally, and use it as a ladder. Today, we all know that Nana Addo had no good intention to God. He was out of ideas on how to continue to enrich his kindred. He decided to to use God's name to further alleviate poverty among his ilk. The Cathedral Entrepreneurs.

Nana Addo and his assemblage of worldly stomach-first Christian leaders rejected every call of reason and went ahead with the Cathedral enterprise. Today, the Cathedral of Lies is muddied in stinking corruption, shady procurement breaches, exasperating judgement debts, free monies for dodgy characters and a pit of Galamsey (pun intended). The dissonance and shame associated with the Cathedral project is more than a pontifical porn.

Written by: Hanan-Confidence Abdul, Poet and a Writer

Source: Mumuni Yunus