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My wife has no clitoris, she fakes her feelings during s£x – Worried man

Tue, 17 Jan 2023 Source: Mumuni Yunus

A worried husband has opened up on his sex life with his wife, saying that he believes his wife has no clitoris.

This he said was because his wife always says she feels nothing during sex.

“I just got married to my wife, and anytime we have sex, she tells me she doesn’t feel anything, but when I ask her why, she doesn’t give me any reason. And it’s when we’re having real sex, but when we’re having romance, she says she’s feeling something,” Yakubu said, while contributing on a discussion on cervical cancer on Prime Morning on Joy Prime TV on Tuesday.

He said despite seeking medical help on several occasions, the problem still persists.

Yakubu said his wife sometimes moan during sex but will later tell him she was just faking it.

Yakubu said he is convinced that his wife has no clitoris.

“She has attended the hospital before, and they gave her drugs, but it didn’t work because sometimes she’ll be moaning, but when I ask, she tells me she is just pretending. I’ve realized she doesn’t have a clitoris,” he pointed out.

Source: Mumuni Yunus