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Stop taking drugs and take football career serious - Ya Naa urges young footballers

Wed, 11 Jan 2023 Source: Mumuni Yunus

The King and Overlord of Dagbon, Ndan Ya-Na Abukari II has urged young footballers in the Dagbon State to be serious with their football careers.

This he said will help them make a decent living and contribute towards the development of the area and Ghana at large.

The Dagbon Overlord is worried about the growing rate of substance abuse in the Northern Region, especially among the youth, urging them to desist from that lifestyle and explore opportunities especially in the area of sports for their growth and prosperity.

Ya Naa Abukari II was speaking at the Gbewaa Palace in Yendi on Sunday, January 2, when the Chief Executive Officer of Dasuma Radio, organizers of the Dasuma Radio Clan Soccer Tournament presented winners of the fourth edition of the tournament to the King for his blessings.

The Dagbon King advised the youth to take full advantage of the opportunity offered them by Dasuma Radio and take up careers in football.

The Moshie Clan from the Moshie tribe, which is part of the larger Mole-Dagomba Ethnic Group won the prestigious trophy after beating the Lunsi (Drummers) Clan on penalties at the Yendi Town Park on Saturday.

Eight clans in the Dagbon State, including the Moshie, Lungsi, Labansi, Machele (Blacksmith), Nakohanima (Butchers), Wanzam, Gonje and Sapashinnima (Warriors) participated in the exciting football tournament that watched by thousands of spectators.

The Chief Executive Officer of Dasuma Radio, Alhaji Baba Daney told the Dagbon Overlord that a number of players were monitored and selected by scouts to play in a ‘justify your inclusion ‘ mini- tournament which will be organized on a later date.

He disclosed that the tournament which begun in 2019 aims at leveraging on soccer to bring total unity, ever lasting peace and accelerated growth of the area as well as youth development.

The winners later paraded the trophy on the principal streets of Yendi, drawing cheers from dozens of road users.

Dasuma Radio, operating on the frequency of 99.1 MHz is the first Commercial Radio Station in the Yendi Municipality.

Source: Mumuni Yunus