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Cecilia Dapaah Demands Apology Over Alleged Millions In Frozen Bank Accounts

Mon, 14 Aug 2023 Source: SKATE NEWS

Cecilia Abena Dapaah, who served as Ghana's Minister of Sanitation previously, has filed a lawsuit against the Multimedia Group in order to obtain an unconditional apology from the company for the dissemination of false allegations.

According to a letter sent by the former minister's legal team, articles from Joy News stated that significant sums of money, totaling $5 million and GH48 million, were found in her Prudential Bank accounts.

According to the legal team, in spite of a response from the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP), the Multimedia Group allegedly persisted in promoting the alleged deception throughout all of its numerous social media channels.

"Based on what has been presented, it is abundantly clear that your organization's continuous reporting of the situation involving our client has been entrenched in the supposed reliance on information from unnamed sources and a reckless disdain for truth and accuracy.

"The figures that you have been posting about the sums that are in our client's bank accounts are fraudulent, and you have continued to spread these lies that you ascribe to sources that have not been identified or validated.

In a letter to the media outlet, Mrs. Dapaah's legal team stated, "It is apparent that your outfit's coverage and publications are actuated by malice and a deliberate and reckless attempt to impute wrongdoing to our client contrary to the constitutional and time-honored principle of the presumption of innocence she is legally entitled to."

As a result, Mrs. Dapaah's legal team has requested an apology and a retraction within the next three days, starting from the date the letter was received.

In the letter, it was emphasised that legal action will be sought to redress the damage created by the inaccurate reportage if the apology is not supplied within the stipulated time limit. This damage was caused by the faulty reportage.

You may get the letter that confirms this.