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Kwasia, Who Are You? - Amakye Dede's Son Mercilessly Insults Him After Calling His Mother Ashawo

Tue, 8 Aug 2023 Source: SKATE NEWS

The Ghanaian highlife legend Amakye Dede is reportedly being persecuted by his own son, who claims that his father abandoned him.

Amakye Dede has been subjected to a barrage of insults from an individual who claims to be his son and who has called his mother an ashawo.

After he accused his mother of having an affair, Amakye Dede allegedly disowned him and left him to fend for himself.

The young man raged violently that he is prepared to face Amakye Dede straight on every platform, and he fumed that he is ready to do so.

He made it clear that he was not going to be a coward and keep quiet this time because he was now an adult.

He then went on to describe how his father uprooted him and moved him to the United States, where he was left to fend for himself.

According to him, Amakye Dede is a neglectful parent because he has not been able to assist in any way in the improvement of the lives of any of his children.

The video is currently generating a lot of discussion as a result of people's reactions on social media.