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Sack of Onion Worth GHc 1,300.00 Now Sold At GHc100 due to Benin Border Closure

Sat, 12 Aug 2023 Source: SKATE NEWS

It has been reported that more than 500 sacks of onions had spoiled in the Ashanti region as a direct result of the closing of the border with Benin.

The closing of the border caused a delay in the transportation of the goods for a few days due to the fact that it was closed.

According to reports from citinewsroom, the sellers of onions have been put in the position where they must either get rid of the spoiled onions or sell them at a lower price.

Some of the marketplaces in the Ashanti region are now selling a sack of onions for as little as GH100, which is significantly less than the previous price of GH1,300.

Due to the political difficulties in Niger, truck drivers reported that they were not able to cross the border into Benin with their fully laden trucks of onions and other foodstuffs

Because we were at the Benin border for ten days, the onions went bad while we were there. Within four days, onions will have begun to go rotten. The Ghanaian Ambassador came to mediate the situation, and as a result, we were granted permission to cross the border; however, it was already too late. We have suffered significant financial losses. According to one of the truck drivers, Seidu Sule, who was mentioned by, there were approximately 220 bags of onions that had all gone rotten.

When I spoke with a few of the people that sell onions, they mentioned that their losses are ranging into the multiple millions of Ghana cedis range.

"Unhappiness has found its way to us. As you get closer to the market, you'll start to pick up the stale onion smell that's been hanging about for a while. This occurred as a direct result of the closing of the border, which prevented us from arriving at our destination on time. As things now stand, it is impossible for us to assess how much was lost. One bag of onions, which used to cost GHS1,300, is now only worth GH150 when purchased in quantities of five. We have no idea what course of action to take at this point. We are appealing to the government for assistance since this situation is having an effect on us. One person selling onions yelled, "We pay taxes!"

Another vendor of onions expressed their dissatisfaction by saying, "I'm now selling a bag of onion for GH100, GH200, or GH500." A portion of it has been taken to the garbage landfill. It looks like I won't even receive back my initial investment, let alone any returns. When we learned that the border had been opened, we immediately transferred money to pay for additional trucks. And here we are, having suffered such a significant loss."