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The Face Is Facing - Sister Derby's New Looks Causes Stir

Wed, 9 Aug 2023 Source: SKATE NEWS

The latest appearances of Sister Derby on social media have sparked a commotion among her devoted followers.

Sister Derby, who is 38 years old, promoted her most recent single, which is titled "Amapiano." A closer inspection of the footage, on the other hand, reveals that Sister Derby's face has changed, with her forehead appearing to be more prominent.

Recently, Sister Derby was the target of criticism after she gave a well-known restaurant a negative review because the Jollof she ordered was unremarkable. Sister Derby revealed that she was let down by the restaurant even though she had ordered her go-to dish there.

Some of her followers responded to her post by writing in the comments section that how she felt about the jollof is exactly how they feel about her music. She found this to be quite interesting.

On the other hand, Sister Derby and her ex-boyfriend Medikal worked together on a project quite some time ago.

The two artists have collaborated on a single for Medikal's upcoming album named "Planning & Plotting," which is titled "Cold & Trophies."

Sister Deborah remarked that the reason they were able to work together so effectively was because they had a similar vibe and a healthy respect for each other's abilities.

In spite of the fact that they formerly shared a romantic relationship and then ended it, Sister Deborah insists that they do not have any ill will towards one another.