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This Is Wrong - Ayorkor Botchwey on Payment Of GHc 2k, GHc 3k for Ghanaian Passport

Tue, 15 Aug 2023 Source: SKATE NEWS

Some staff at the passport office have been fired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey because they assisted Goro boys in charging between GHS2000 and GHS3000 for passports, whereas the normal and expedited services should only cost GHS100 and GHS150 cedis respectively.

She mentioned that the problem of using go-betweens, also known as Goro guys, in the process of acquiring a passport has become widespread, as was reported in the media.

On Monday, August 14, she went to the passport office in Accra without making an appointment so that she may accomplish this goal.

After the visit, she gave an interview to the media in which she stated, "This particular visit has become very necessary because of some reports that I have." There have been allegations that officers...have participated in unlawful actions.

When I say illegal activity, you are all aware of what I mean. Just two days ago, reports appeared in the Daily Guide newspaper stating that the problem of goro persons becoming involved in the process of acquiring passports for our country has become widespread.

"You are in the wrong. It is not right that the fee to obtain a passport has increased from one hundred Ghana cedis for normal service to two thousand Ghana cedis for accelerated service. The standard service fee was one hundred and fifty Ghana cedis.

"The goro lads are outside the passport office. They are looking for somebody to work with on the inside because they are unable to do the task on their own. People are shelling out GHS2000 or GHS3000 in order to get their hands on a passport, right? Why ought this to be the case?