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US -Based Ghanaian Reports Cecilia Dapaah To FBI and IRS to Investigate The Source Of Her Money

Thu, 10 Aug 2023 Source: SKATE NEWS

A complaint has been filed with numerous federal authorities in the United States, requesting an inquiry into potential money-laundering activities including a sum of one million dollars that was reportedly misappropriated by domestic employees from Dapaah's private estate. The money was allegedly stolen by domestic workers from Dapaah's private estate.

Grace Loki, the person who filed this complaint, has thrown doubt on the ability of the Ghanaian government to undertake an unbiased investigation into the situation. In light of these concerns regarding the government's impartiality, Loki has sought out to a variety of departments and agencies within the United States government, such as the DEA, the Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department, and the FBI, in order to guarantee an impartial investigation.

Loki's activities derive from her deep opinion that the government of Ghana may not be able to ensure a fair resolution to the conflict. This highlights how important it is for the Internal Revenue Service to conduct a comprehensive investigation, particularly if Dapaah holds property within the United States, in addition to the fulfilment of any necessary tax duties.

The scandal that has been surrounding this case has been intensified as a result of the fact that some of Dapaah's domestic aides have been implicated in the alleged misappropriation of US$1 million, €300,000, and GH350,000.

In addition, the former minister and her spouse have claimed suffering considerable material losses, which include items such as apparel, purses, fragrances, jewellery, and a variety of fabrics. These losses have been categorised as "significant."