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John Mahama Attend Ibahim Mahama's Wedding As His Pretty Bride Rocks 9 Stunning Dress8And Flawless Makeup

Fri, 4 Aug 2023 Source: SpinnerWeb

The breathtaking ensembles that the Ghanaian bride Khadija wore to her wedding in Tamale have established a new standard.

The well-to-do husband, the well-known author Ibrahim Mahama, accessorised his wedding attire with elegant kaftans and Mobutu hats.

The extravagant events, which lasted over multiple days, were attended by a number of luminaries, including the country's previous president, John Mahama.

The extravagant wedding of Ghanaian novelist and artist Ibrahim Mahama and his stunning wife has gone viral on the internet.

John Mahama, his brother Ibrahim Mahama, and Ibrahim's new spouse, Khadija

Elegant attire is worn by John Mahama, his brother Ibrahim Mahama, and the bride Khadija. photo courtesy of @live_with_kwaku on Instagram Instagram is the source.

For the star-studded wedding, the celebs wore chic custom-made gowns, turbans, jewellery and pricey shoes, setting a new record for the most extravagant wedding attire.

The former President John Mahama looks dapper in his smock.

Former President John Dramani Mahama attended the extravagant wedding dressed in a sophisticated traditional suit and a white cap. He looked quite dapper.

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Khadija, the bride-to-be from Ghana, kills it in an orange corset dress.

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Khadija, the stunning bride, glistened in an orange gown with long sleeves and a pattern that featured sparkling stones. She accessorised her look with a pair of orange earrings and a turban that matched well.

A kente outfit makes Ghanaian bride Khadija a sight to behold.

Both the bride and the chef Khajija wore elaborately beaded kente dresses, which drew a lot of attention. The fashion designer utilised the same fabric for the turban and the tulle style as she posed with her beautiful purse. The tulle style was designed by the fashion designer.

Khadija, the bride-to-be from Ghana, wears a princess-like pink dress with puffy sleeves.

Khadija, who worked as a cook professionally, wore a pink beaded dress with intricate patterns that made her appear really stunning. Mr. Ibrahim Mahama, the groom, wore a kaftan that consisted of three pieces and a Mobutu cap that matched.

Ghanaian bride Khadija looks stunning in her choice of red attire.

At the reception party, the affluent groom told about how he and his celebrity bride met. Khadija, the bride, shined in a crimson lace dress while her husband spoke.

Khadija, the Ghanaian bride, looks absolutely stunning in her green dress with the long train.

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When the guests arrived for the Ghanaian bride Khadija's extravagant wedding, she greeted them in a green dress with a long train that made her look otherworldly.

Khadija Mahama and Ibrahim Mahama, who are both Ghanaians, make a beautiful couple.

The bride, Khadija Mahama, and groom, Ibrahim Mahama, both looked stunning in their all-white wedding attire. The fashion influencer appeared chic in a dress with long sleeves and beaded details, while the groom exuded sophistication in a white kaftan.

The Ghanaian bride Khadija is stunning in the all-black attire she chose.

Khadija, the fashionista bride, attended Awure in Tamale wearing a corseted black dress and a huge gele for the occasion. She displayed her ample cleavage.

In a garment of brown lace, the Ghanaian bride Khadija exposes some skin.

The stunning bride wore a rhinestone-designed mesh dress for her wedding, and she looked just lovely in it.

Ghanaian bride Khadija looks very stunning in her Northern Kente gown.

For her bridal photograph, Ghanaian bride Khadija chose a chic blue dress and beautiful makeup, both of which made her seem absolutely stunning.

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A Ghanaian doctor with dark skin looks very stunning in a corseted kente as she walks down the aisle to marry a larger groom.

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At the conventional wedding, the lovely bride Dr. Marie-Louis and the plus-size husband appeared to be floating in the air due to the expensive clothes they wore.

Users of social media have complimented the bride on her radiant complexion as well as the colour of her wedding dress.

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As she performed her signature dance moves for the wealthy couple and their other bridesmaids, she received enthusiastic applause from all of them.

The charming videos of wedding dances that have been circulating on Instagram have captured the attention of a few users of other social media platforms.

Source: SpinnerWeb