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Sun, 4 Dec 2022 Source: Ted News Ghana

The newly elected Executives were congratulated by the Alumni of the National Health Students Association of Ghana, who also offered them some advice on their new positions.

Former Union Presidents Franklin Nyanzu, Phanuel Seli, and Dr. Frank Amoakohene were present.

In order to promote unity and rebrand the Union, Dr. Frank Amoakohene advised the leaders to be tough and resolute.

He emphasized the necessity and importance of the union in resolving the intermittent disputes and misunderstandings among the health professions, which have long caused the health fraternity to receive unfavorable press.

“There shouldn’t be any difficulty whatsoever for us all to work as professionals latter after school If we are able work together and corporate whiles schooling” he stated.

Dr. Frank Amoakohene promises to give the newly elected leadership GHC 5,000 to start their administration with once more on behalf of the Alumni.

The newly elected leaders thanked the Alumni for their help and counsel and urged them to always be reachable.

Source: Ted News Ghana