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I didn’t mean to disrespect women with my ‘tough skin’ comment – Kuami Eugene

Wed, 15 Mar 2023 Source: TheoNews

Highlife musician Kuami Eugene has apologized for his recent comment that every woman wants a piece of him.

You should have tough skin to date me,” he disclosed on ‘Stripped by Sika Osei’.

“Currently, women, girls, everyone, including men, want to have one person to themselves…If you wanna have me to yourself, it’s gonna take some sacrifices because people won’t just allow you to.“

“Since I continue to do music and remain a popular figure in Ghana I can’t assure you that people won’t say bad things about me or I won’t be attacked"

“That’s why I said if you are my partner get ready to receive your fair share of it and that’s what I meant by you should have a tough skin,” he clarified on the show.

He continued “That’s what I mean by having tough skin but I don’t mean to say that I have plenty of girls chasing me so when you come and meet about 50 girls you should be tough.“

“That’s not it because I have respect for women and I have respect for our people and I respect everybody that I come across,” he concluded.

Source: TheoNews