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I want people to know me for my music and not for who I’m dating- Adina

Thu, 16 Feb 2023 Source: TheoNews

In an interview with Doreen Avio on Joy Prime TV, Adina stated that projecting her love life in the public will only distract her fans from her craft.

‘‘It is because I feel like my love life is probably just going to distract people from paying attention to the reason why you guys know me and may like me

You only know me because I am the girl that sings and I want you guys to focus on that because that is my gift to the world,’’ she said.

According to the “Killing me softly’ singer, seeing her private romantic life slapped all over the news will only distract her fans from paying attention to her music, which is the most important.

‘’I don’t want stories on who I am with or who I am not with to be taking your mind away from the song that has come out that you have to be checking out, I don’t want to spoil my business like that and that’s why I don’t share my personal life,’’ she added.

Source: TheoNews