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People respect me despite my dwarfism – Adwoa Smart

Thu, 16 Feb 2023 Source: TheoNews

Veteran actress, Belinda Naa Ode Oku popularly known as Adwoa, has said that her dwarfism is not a source of discrimination and she is grateful to God for that.

She claimed in an interview with Happy 98.9 Fm’s Nsempii show host, Nyansabuakwa that people accept her despite the fact that she is short and has physical limitations.

“No, people do not look down on me but I remember it is one person in the industry who has disrespected me because of my state; that person ended up being disgraced by God for doing that.”

She added that she is not worried due to her condition and what others think of her.

The 52-year old also said she does not know why people will disrespect others for nothing,because God created all of us differently.

Touching on her level of literacy, the actress disclosed that she sometimes finds it very difficult to understand some sentences in her script hence she is being assisted by her family and colleagues.

“ I move onto to the next page anytime I find it difficult to understand. I seek for help from my mates on sentences I can’t read and understand” she mentioned.

“ I used to think the word ‘gods’ and ‘God’have the same spelling but it was just recently I got to know and also with the support from my kids and cousins, I’m able to change that. I had an Aunty who used to give me the grocery list of the house; i go to the market and buy everything” she stated.

Source: TheoNews