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Police arrest pastor seen holding AK47

Tue, 14 Feb 2023 Source: TheoNews

Police in Nigeria's Abuja State arrested Pastor Uche Aigbe after a video of him preaching with an AK47 assault rifle went viral.

The pastor from the Abuja chapter of the House on the Rock was preaching about spiritual weapons. He chose to use a very dangerous weapon.

The man of God who made a gun stunt in Abuja apologized for his actions. He said that he realizes that his stunt was not a good idea and that he regrets it.

Although the country's law enforcement agency was not able to stop the crime, it still carried out its mandate.

There are several people who are being questioned in connection with the gun that was used in the shooting at the church. One of those people is a police officer, and the head of security for the church is also being questioned.

House on the Rock says it doesn't condone any kind of violence and that it is cooperating fully with the authorities as they investigate this incident.

The video that got the popular man of God in trouble showed him carrying an assault rifle while he was on the pulpit in the church auditorium.

Some people are looking for me, and I’ve come prepared.

During the church service, the pastor lifted a gun and pointed it up in the air. Some Twitter users have been reacting to the footage, with many saying the pastor's conduct posed a risk to the congregants who were seated to hear the word of God.

Some people have questioned whether the gun in question was legally acquired and if the pastor was allowed by law to carry and flaunt it publicly.

It is clear that the man wasn't licensed to carry the gun and was displaying it in a way that was dangerous and could have caused harm to others.

Source: TheoNews