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Man Divorces Teenage Wife For Allowing Male Doctor Attend To Her During Childbirth

Wed, 2 Aug 2023 Source: Maxwell Ampong

A husband who was dissatisfied with his 14-year-old wife's decision to enable a male doctor to assist her during childbirth at the hospital has divorced her.

Dr. Fatima Adamu, the Executive Director of the Nigerian Nana Women and Girls Initiative, disclosed this information at a Human Resources for Health Production Dialogue.

According to the activist, the adolescent experienced birth complications and was transported to the hospital.

However, only a male physician was available to treat the expectant woman.

She nonetheless gave delivery, but her husband was unhappy that a male doctor had assisted her, so he decided to end the marriage.

"A Fulani girl of 14 years old in Katsina State gave birth with difficulty, so we had to transport her to the hospital. After the birth, her husband divorced her because she was attended by a male. This young woman was divorced because a man assisted her during childbirth, Adamu is quoted as saying.

She suggested training more nurses and midwives to match the population in order to prevent some of these problems.

According to her, if the state governments continue to rely on the federal government of Nigeria to produce more health personnel, it could take a long time or never occur, hence the need for the state governments to take action to resolve the issue of insufficient health workers.

Source: Maxwell Ampong