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Stop Fronting Na You Bought That Ring Yourself – Tracey Boakye Roasted Over 'Anniversary Gift' From Her Broke Hubby

Fri, 4 Aug 2023 Source: Maxwell Ampong

Actress Tracey Boakye slashed some vicious cyberbullying in response to a celebratory post about her marriage.

Boakye and her husband, Frank Badu Ntiamoah, are celebrating their first wedding anniversary, and the ever-extravagant Tracey has decided it's time to flaunt a new engraved wedding band.

She released a video of herself and her spouse shopping for and putting on her engagement ring.

The video was captioned, "The best one-year anniversary gift from my king Frank Badu Ntiamoah," by Tracey.

Unfortunately for Tracey, internet users attacked her for putting on a show when it is well-known that she is the family's breadwinner and therefore likely paid for the entire purchase.

It's insane for her to purchase herself a ring and then brag about it being a gift, but her fans let her get away with it.

"The ring you purchased yourself? Relax, girl," one Internet user said.

However, the man does not work, so I should mind my own business.

Another social media user could not fathom the amount of effort Tracey expends every day attempting to demonstrate that her life is going well.

"This 'celebrity' business appears to be quite laborious. Always having to justify your worth to anyone who cares to know," said a third fan.

Source: Maxwell Ampong