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Talented Kids Runner Up, Awal In Trouble For Following The Footsteps Of Sarkodie To Deny A Baby

Sun, 30 Jul 2023 Source: Maxwell Ampong

Habiba Muhammad has accused former Talented Kids star Awal Muhamad of impregnating her and then forsaking her.

The young woman disclosed on a popular Facebook page called Iqra that Awal had impregnated her and asked her to abort the child.

After she refused, he later approached her under the guise of caring for the infant in order to abduct her.

Read her complete account below;

"Salam iqra ()" I am Muhammad Habiba. A businesswoman and a mother. I am depressed because I have been denied access to my own offspring.

A infant whose request to be aborted was denied. I was fired from my residence because no one accepted me.

The father of the child denied the pregnancy and asked me to abort along with his mother.

However, I refused because I did not want to endanger my life and because I love my child so much that I did not want to perpetrate double sins.

Allah being so good, I gave birth safely, although it wasn't simple because I had to undergo cs surgery to deliver my child because I was in pain throughout my pregnancy.

After giving birth, things were difficult for my child and me, so I began a modest business to support us.

He eventually accepted the child, but he neglected his responsibilities, which I had to report to the authorities before he began assisting us intermittently.

When the child was 2 years old, he ran away with him to his mother without my knowledge. Fortunately, I saw them on a bus and proceeded to retrieve my child.

Now that he is 4, he has taken him away and prevented me from communicating with or seeing him.

I do not know where my child is, but the fact that he is with his alcoholic mother has increased my sense of insecurity. I attempted to contact the authorities, but they dismissed the matter because he is a celebrity.

He is none other than Muhamad Dan awal. He won second place in the talented kidz 2010 competition, which was won by rap artist Sarkodie.

However, due to his pride, Sarkodie later abandoned him. Iqra, please assist me because these people initially rejected the baby, so how can they now adore my child? Thank you, salam iqra.

Source: Maxwell Ampong