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Goveir's message to Stephen Engmen for his alleged involvement in procurement breaches

Wed, 25 Jan 2023 Source: Ilyaas Al-Hasan

When news of the sacking of the two Deputy Chief Executive Officers at the Northern Development Authority which included Mr. Stephen Yir-eru Engmen broke, it was one of sadness for people in the Upper West Region especially to the elephant family.

But the news of Mr. Stephen Engmen, a son of the soil, for being cited in a procurement breaches at the Authority alongside the CEO himself and his colleague Deputy CEO by Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) has ruffled the feathers of the governing NPP in the region even more.

The party in the region are said to be angry with Stephen Engmen for his alleged involvement in the act, a former Regional Organizer of the party - Alhaaj Goveir - has revealed.

Commenting on the matter on the Tuesday edition of Wajaayela on Home Radio, the former executive disclosed that there was absolute anger among members of the party against Mr. Engmen adding, nobody was expressing any sympathy towards him at all.

Singling out Mr. Kuundaari, CEO of A&QS Consortium Limited for praise as someone he claims he knows as a good man, he said it was unfortunate those northern brothers got themselves allegedly entangled in the web of corruptible acts.

According to him, apart from this unfortunate turn of events, the Authority is carrying out some good developmental projects in the North.

Source: Ilyaas Al-Hasan