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The reason behind the viral boxing video of Rashid Pelpuo revealed

Fri, 3 Feb 2023 Source: Ilyaas Al-Hasan

After the Member of Parliament for Wa Central, Dr. Hassan Rashid Pelpuo, was spotted in a viral video exhibiting his boxing skills, there have been various interpretations ascribed to the move especially at this material moment of impending internal party elections.

In the 21-seconds video that has gone viral, the NDC lawmaker was seen doing shadow boxing - throwing punches with the hands while dodging shadow punches with the head reminiscent of a boxing fight against an opponent.

For some, it is just to revisit the nostalgic memories of his youthful boxing days, a sport he so much loved back in the days, and still loves, it must be said.

For others, releasing such a video of him at a time the NDC is preparing to have its primaries is a clear subtle way of psychologically taking the lead even before the opening of polls of the Parliamentary Primaries for Wa Central.

According to some political watchers, the tactical political show by the NDC Upper West Regional Caucus leader is to send a strong signal to his opponents of his readiness to punch and give his contenders an uppercut in the face during the party's upcoming polls.

However, other schools of thought say it his response to indicate how healthy and fit he is to return to parliament for the 6th time running much to the chagrin of those calling for his ousting as an MP - both within and without the party.

Whatever opinion you make of this may largely be anchored on your interest or where you sit, that is, if you do not view issues from the objective lenses.

With the National Democratic Congress set to hold its Presidential and Parliamentary elections in May this year, the tall, soft-spoken lawmaker has become the first among the aspirants in the constituency to inaugurate his campaign team last week with many party executives in attendance including the former Regional Organizer and Wa MCE - Issahaku Nuhu Putiaha - as a surprise addition.

Politicians such as, Lawyer Wahidu Banpouri, England-based Dr. Sharif Mahmud Khalid, Alhaji Hudu Mogtari, among others, are already jostling for the day of reckoning.

Source: Upper West Blog

Source: Ilyaas Al-Hasan