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MCE to protesters: "Do blame the MP also for the delay in Ataabadze road construction

Sun, 17 Sep 2023 Source: Emmanuel Jacob Amissah

MCE to protesters: "Do blame the MP also for the delay in Ataabadze road construction

The residents of Ataabadze, Essaman, Pershie Dwira Akyinim, and Bantuma protested in front of the MCE on September 13, 2023, over the delay in fixing the damaged road.

The demonstration's organizer, Hon. Nana (an aspirant to the assembly from the Bantuma electoral area), called the MCE's attention to the road's terrible condition and requested that it be fixed within the next two weeks.

After receiving the letter, KEEA's MCE, Hon. Solomon Ebo Appiah, told the people that the road would be fixed once all the required preparations had been made to have the contractor come back and finish the job.

Additionally, he advised the protesters to demonstrate against the MP, Hon. Samuel Atta Mills, who typically travels to Accra.

As he explains his justification, he makes clear that the Member of Parliament for KEEA, Hon. Mills, is constantly accessible at the Capital and occupies a nearby seat to the road minister. He can take advantage of the chance to briefly discuss the deplorable condition of the Ataabadze road, which has been abandoned for many years, with the minister. Additionally, he represents the President of Ghana here yet is always stationed within KEEA as an MCE, making him a superior choice to accomplish the task at hand.

Source: Emmanuel Jacob Amissah