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Man commits suicide after his wife donated their money to church

Fri, 8 Sep 2023 Source: Emmanuel Jacob Amissah

In Thyolo District, Malawi, a tragic incident unfolded as a 45-year-old man named Rex Kondwani took his own life.

The unfortunate event occurred in Muwalo village, under the jurisdiction of Traditional Authority Changata in the district.

The Masambanjati police officer-in-charge, Senior Superintendent George Kaleso, revealed this distressing information in a statement on September 6, 2023.

Rex Kondwani and his wife had been engaged in gardening piecework, from which they had jointly earned K12,000.

However, tension arose when Mr. Kondwani requested his share of the earnings, and his wife disclosed that she had donated the entire sum to their local church.

Tragically, the culmination of their dispute led to an unthinkable outcome. Mr. Kondwani was discovered hanging from the roof of the very church to which his wife had made the donation.

This grim incident underscores the dire consequences that can result from disputes over financial matters, ultimately leading to a heartbreaking loss of life.

Regrettably, suicide cases have been on the rise in Malawi, with a staggering 256 cases reported in the first half of the current year.

This alarming statistic highlights the urgent need for mental health support and awareness in the country.

The tragedy of Rex Kondwani serves as a sombre reminder of the importance of addressing underlying issues and seeking help during times of distress, as well as promoting healthy communication and conflict resolution within families and communities.

In conclusion, the heartbreaking story of Rex Kondwani’s suicide in Thyolo District, Malawi, underscores the devastating consequences of financial disputes within families.

It serves as a poignant example of the need for mental health support and conflict resolution mechanisms in communities, especially in regions experiencing a rising number of suicide cases.

This tragic incident should spark conversations about addressing the underlying issues contributing to such distressing events and promoting mental well-being.

source: ghpage

Source: Emmanuel Jacob Amissah