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Effia Constituency MP commits 100,000 cedis to nurture young talents in soccer

Tue, 19 Sep 2023 Source: Thomas Tetteh

Most soccer contests end at the level of a gala due to the cost involved in the organization of such competitions. But the Effia Community League (ECL) which has been in existence for the past eight years is making strides in nurturing young talents in the Effia Community in the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis.

It's impressive to hear that the Member of Parliament (MP) for Effia Constituency Hon Joseph Cudjoe has been single-handedly organizing the ECL since February 2016, especially considering the financial challenges that can come with organizing such events. This demonstrates a strong commitment to the community and a dedication to bringing people together for a meaningful cause.

Community events like this can play a significant role in fostering a sense of unity and solidarity among residents. They provide an opportunity for people to come together, celebrate their community's achievements, and strengthen social bonds. Additionally, such events can help raise awareness and support for various community initiatives and projects.

The MP's continued efforts in organizing the gala despite financial challenges speak to his dedication to the welfare and development of Effia Constituency.

Plans are underway to start this year’s edition of the ECL which consists of 72 soccer matches among the sixteen (16) soccer teams that will comprise three competitions; the League, the Hon Cudjoe Fa Cup, and the Super Cup.

According to Hon Cudjoe the is going to cost not less than a Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis (GhC100,000).

“Each of the 16 teams is to receive GhC2,000 participation fees, making a total of GhC32,000 besides all other costs which in total is even higher than the participation fees. Half (50%) of the participation fees, GhC1,000 per team, has been paid to the sixteen (16) teams already”, he said.

GhC4,500 has been paid to construct a two-room canopy tent, four benches for the playing teams, and five plastic chairs for the Executives.

The league is expected to last for 20 weeks which will cost Ten Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC 10,000.00) for officiating, water for the teams, and administrative costs.

Awards, trophies, and cash prizes cost GhC9,370. While (20) quality footballs for the games have been provided for the games at a total cost of GhC4,400.

The MP noted that “there is direct and indirect media expenditure that comes with the EFFIA Community League (ECL). The 2023 ECL has a media expenditure of GhC3,200 direct expenditure and GhC3,000 indirect expenditure making a total media budget of GhC6,200. First Aid and Medical is budgeted at GhC1,000, with GhC400 already spent to provide a First Aid Kit. The initial two weeks spent to commence the 2023 ECL was GhC5,200”.

Aside from this expenditure, there is the most exciting of all the costs which he describes as “Bombings”.

He said, “As a result of the ECL, I get exposed to about 320 players who request various personal items, sponsorships, and support from the MP. This is where the real cost of the ECL is felt. When I come to the park to watch the matches too, that is where the teeming spectators also “bomb” me but I am not really worried about this, because this budget item does not have a limit.

Source: Thomas Tetteh