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Comment: Why promoting a pagan stool in our national archit

Original Mythbuster
2018-09-10 14:54:23

Not every Ghanaian subscribes to the foolish and demonic stool worship. We have devout followers of Yahshua a.k.a Jesus Christ, Awakened Hebrews, moslems etc..Why the abominable and GOOD FOR NOTHING stools keep representing the sovereign entity called Ghana?

What has the lifeless and idiotic stools done for Ghana lately if you care to share with us.

Why others are not reacting to this satanic rape of their spiritual space is more baffling?

Have you all been hypnotised?

And you scream daily that the country is hard forgetting that your satanic leaders are the cause of all your woes from slavery days till today.

Satan and satanists thrive on filth, pain, hardship, bloodshed, chaos, trickery, spells, arrogance, bling bling, impunity and loud talks.

Come on and give me a break! Akuffo Addo has decided with his voodoo loving ahenfie crooks to embedd the voodoo stool symbol in a national edifice?

- What has the demonic stools ever done for Ghana?
- Has the people of Ghana been consulted prior to making such a
dumb decision?
- Is Ghana for Akans or pagan stool worshippers alone?

The cathedral idea is a perfect design to loot and subtly project and promote akan superiority over the other tribes, nothing else.
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Original Mythbuster on 09-10 14:54
Why promoting a pagan stool in our national archit