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Comment: Appreciating Culture.

Mubarik Yusif
2018-09-10 16:54:38

Ghana, Including It's Mother Continent, Africa, Has Since The Introduction Of Foreign Ways Of Doing Things, Adopted So Much To It That Even Our Governance And National Issues Are Defined According To Provisions Of Such Cultures.

Today, Black People (Africans) Would Prefer Dying In Churches/Mosques, Die While Being Operated On (Caesarean) By A Medical Doctor Or Sacrifice Certain Parts Of Their Bodies Etc. Than Producing Few Sweats For Few Minutes On Top Of Warmed Herbs (leaves), Consuming And Inhaling Herbs Etc.

Most Ghanaians Are Now Even Enjoying Foreign Contents On Our Televisions For Fun Because That Is What The Stakeholders Have Decided To Promote On Their Platforms.

We Have Always Complained About How Citizens Don't Appreciate And Patronize Our Own, But Have We Ever For Ones Taken Time To Analyze How We Sell Those Products To Them?

Most Ghanaians Have Stopped Watching And Following Local Media Because Their Sense Of Customer Service Is Very Poor. Some Of Our Television Stations Are Very Partial When It Comes To Decisions, For Example When A Movie Is Being Aired At Night And The Time For Them To Go Off For The Night, They Do So Without Any Warning Whatsoever, But When A Political/Official Programme Is Aired, They Do So Till The End Without Any Interruptions Of Any Kind. Also, We Focus More On Making Money Than We Sell Our Local Products, For Instance A Single Movie Is Divided Into Multiple Parts, Which When Is Aired On Television, Is Not Done Till The End, Leaving It's Viewers In Suspense And Disappointed At The Same Time, So When A Foreign Content Is Aired Till The End, They Therefore Adopt Naturally To That Leaving Our Local Contents.

From The Above Points Stated, It Could Be Said That Foreign Culture Has Become A Financial Hub For The People In Charge Of Them, Because Citizens Have Fallen So Much In Love With Their Services So Much That Even Doctors Are Now Being Worshipped By Their Patients, To The Extent That Their Decisions (Doctors) Are Always Seen To Be Right Always. There's No Longer Coordination Within Our Medical Institutions, An Example Of Such Can Be Seen From The Confusion That Rose Here In Ghana When One Dr Dominic Obeng Andoh Who Was Alleged To Have Illegally Sent The Corpse Of Stacy Offei Darko Whom Until Her Untimely Death Was The Deputy CEO Of National Entrepreneurship Innovative Programme (NEIP), To The Mortuary, While The State Had Charged Him Of Not Being Fit To Be A Doctor, The Private Medical Associations Of Ghana, Had Also Said The Contrary.

Most Africans Spend Hours And Sometimes Days Praying In Churches And Mosques For Change But When They Are Out, They Consume Manufactured Products And Also Organise Board Meetings Or Committee Discussions Which Always End Up In Amending Our Constitution, Organising Communal Labour, Distributing Resources, Construction Of Social Infrastructures Etc.

We Always Celebrate And Applaud Foreign Occasions Such As Valentine's Day, Christmas, Ramadan, Father's Day Etc. But When It Comes To Our Own African And National Celebrations, What Do We Do?
We Say 'it Should Not Be Celebrated' Because It's A Waste Of National Resources And That There Are No Achievements To Celebrate As A People And Give So Many Reasons And Ways How Those 'wasted Resources' Can Be Put To More Useful And Productive Sectors Of The National Economy.

It Is Really Disheartening That A Whole Assembly Such As The AMA (Accra Metropolitan Assembly) Had Failed To Do Their Job To Ensure The Smooth Celebration Of An Indigenous Festival (Homowo) When There Had Been Strict Legislation Which Had Authorized Them To Ensure That Everyone Observed The "Noise Ban" Which Was Also Part Of The Celebration.
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Mubarik Yusif on 09-10 16:54
Appreciating Culture.