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Comment: U.S. †ells "ICC" ƒ'ck oƒƒ ...

2018-09-10 22:21:03

::: while shi††hole Aƒricans kneel ßeƒore i†!


Bolton blasts International Criminal Court as "dead to us" and "illegitimate"!


National Security Advisor John Bolton blasted the International Criminal Court in a blistering speech Monday, where he slammed 'unjustifiable' investigations of U.S. treatment of detainees after Sept. 11th.

"We will not cooperate with the ICC. We will provide no assistance to the ICC. And we certainly will not join the ICC," Bolton said Friday in a speech to the conservative Federalist Society in Washington.

"We will let the ICC "die" on its own. After all, for all intents and purposes, the ICC is already dead to us," he inveighed.

He threatened the U.S. would "take note" of any countries who cooperate with the ICC.

"We will remember that cooperation when setting U.S. foreign assistance, military assistance, and intelligence sharing levels," he warned.

Bolton cast the international body, which he helped the U.S. pull away from as UN ambassador during the Bush administration, as a "free-wheeling global organization claiming jurisdiction over individuals without their consent."

He also announced the Trump Administration would be closing a Palestinian Liberation Organization office in Washington – saying it would not remain open while it would not start 'direct and meaningful' peace talks with Israel.

'Today, reflecting Congressional concerns with Palestinian attempts to prompt an ICC investigation of Israel, the State Department will announce the closure of the Palestine Liberation Organization office here in Washington, D.C.,' Bolton said.

'As President Reagan recognized in this context, the Executive has "the right to decide the kind of foreign relations, if any, the United States will maintain," and the Trump Administration will not keep the office open when the Palestinians refuse to take steps to start direct and meaningful negotiations with Israel. The United States supports a direct and robust peace process, and we will not allow the ICC, or any other organization, to constrain Israel's right to self-defense,' Bolton said.

Bolton laid out an aggressive posture against the International Criminal Court, threatening sanctions against ICC judges if they proceed with an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by Americans in Afghanistan.

I ask everyone in the room today:

"Would you consign the fate of American citizens to a committee of other nations, including Venezuela and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and entities that are not even states, like the Palestinian Authority?" Bolton asked the Federalist Society Members at the high-end Mayflower hotel during his luncheon address.


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