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Yaw Konadu
2018-09-12 12:50:04

First, it was a Haitian Company (imagine that) that was brought in to help the Communications Ministry track revenues due it.

Now, another consulting firm is coming in to help the Ghana Revenue Authority to collect taxes. Reason? Their revenue targets are not being met.

Have Ghanaians pondered over this parallel system that the 4th Republican constitution has imposed on them? They elect idiots/non-performers from both parties, hand over the keys to the Plantation House to them and expect the idiots and ignoramuses to run the house very well.

Has the GRA considered the fact that the taxes are DAMN TOO HIGH at the ports and that this creates an incentive for people to cheat? Has the GRA also looked at the useless political appointees sent there to work after every change in government?

I shudder to say this but IF we are not up to the TASK of running a modern government then it was about time we debated whether we had to formally invite our former masters to come in and run the show. Our pride aside, the former master would run the place better than the stupidity we see from our post 1992 governments. You doubt me? Look at how your sons and daughters take the most risk to cross the Middle Sea to get to Europe. Heck, there are Ghanaian fishermen in Honduras.

In any intelligent society, if government revenues fall short, some non-essential services get cut. Has any of Ghanaian governments since 1992 done that?

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