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Addo Benjamin Armah
2018-09-12 15:27:15

Just as any true party member, I usually get worried when the margin of 7,961 was closed to 265 in 2016 comes to mind. In fact, looking at the figures from a lane man’s point of view and without proper analysis would create the impression that the figures are scary.
I took some time off my schedule to study and analyse the figures and it disconfirmed my previous assertion. I then realised that it was a nationwide crisis that rocked the NDC party in the 2016 general elections. The party had very serious problems with regards to the utilization of its structures especially at the branches. This in addition to other factors costed us so much.
I maintain that it's nationwide because similar if not worst things happened in other constituencies across the country. In Greater Accra alone, we lost 7 seats. These are Krowor, Madina, Ablekuma Central, Ledzokuku, Ngleshie Amanfrom, La Dadekotpon and Adenta. In 2012, we won these seats by the following margins.
1.Krowor – 2,820 votes
2.Madina – 6,596 votes
3.Ablekuma Central – 1,341
4.Ledzokuku – 10,486
5.Ngleshie Amanfrom – 188
6.La Dadekotpon – 15,483
7.Adenta – 4,604
We lost these seats by the following margins in the 2016 general election.
1.Krowor – 2,106 votes
2.Madina – 8,633 votes
3.Ablekuma Central – 6,198
4.Ledzokuku – 2,167
5.Ngleshie Amanfrom – 6,629
6.La Dadekotpon – 1,622
7.Adenta – 1,364
Let me go into the details of Ledzokuku for instance. In 2012, NDC's Parliamentary Candidate, Benita Sena Okity-Duah won by polling 52,524 as against NPP candidate's 42,038. That is a margin of 10,486. JM polled 53,710 whilst NPP's Nana Addo had 40,662(Margin of 13,048). So when you compare the margins of win between Sena Okity-Duah and JM, JM polled 2,562 votes more than Sena Okity-Duah.
In 2016, Ledzokuku NDC presented the same Parliamentary Candidate, Benita Sena Okity-Duah, but this time lost as the NPP’s candidate polled 45,259 as against her 43,092. She lost with a margin of 2,167 votes. Surprisingly, JM won the presidential by polling 44,406 as against Nana Addo’s 43,956. That’s a margin of 450 votes.
There are several of such instances where the party lost completely parliamentary seats that it has previously been winning with big margins.
If that could happen in one constituency, that someone who won in 2012 with a margin of 10,486 could not even maintain but lost the seat by a whopping 2,167 what makes the case of Amasaman so scary?
The case of Amasaman is that in 2012, Hon. Nii Okai Laryea won by a margin of 7,961 and retained the seat in 2016 with a margin of 265 votes. In 2012, JM won in Amasaman with a margin of 12,699 but in 2016, he won Amasaman with a margin of 3,935. This implies that contrary to the popular notion that JM performed better in Amasaman than Hon. Nii Okai Laryea in 2016, JM lost 8,764 votes in terms of margins between 2012 and 2016 whilst Hon. Nii Okai Laryea lost 7,702 votes in terms of margins between 2012 and 2016.
It was not surreptitious in the run up to the 2016 elections that there existed a conflict between the MP and the MCE. This was a major cause of the woes of the party in the Amasaman Constituency. It got worst to the level that an MCE appointed by NDC, Hon. Sam Atuquaye Quaye, openly campaiged against an endorsed NDC Parliamentary candidate. One would have thought that, irrespective of what has happened between them, the MCE, in order to demonstrate his love for the party, would keep mute if wouldn’t campaign for the NDC Parliamentary Candidate. Contrarily, he campaigned for skirt and blouse. Unfortunately, in the end, he ended up losing his job as an MCE but the MP retained his stake.
The dynamics of Amasaman politics is cannot be left out. Per records, no single Member of Parliament has been able to retain his seat for two consecutive terms in this Amasaman constituency since the inception of the fourth republic. In 1992, this constituency was part of Ga South and National Convention Party’s Frederick Aryee Laryea won. In 1996, NDC’s Margaret Clarke Kwesie won the seat. In the year 2000, NDC maintained the seat but this time round with a different candidate, Ernest Attuquaye Armah. Significantly, he won with a margin of 11,320 votes. Terrifyingly, in 2004, when Trobu-Amasaman was carved out of Ga South, Ernest Attuquaye Armah of the NDC lost by 442 votes to the NPP’s Samuel Aryeetey Attoh. NDC’s Ernest Attuquaye Armah beated NPP’s Moses Anim in 2008 with a margin of 2,852 votes. In 2012, the constituency was divided into two, Trobu and Amasaman. Hon. Nii Okai Laryea maintained the seat for NDC in the Amasaman Constituency with a margin of 7,961 votes. It should hence, come as a surprise and an accolade to Hon. Nii Okai Laryea that he has been able to this time around, contrary to the chronology of antiquity, maintained the seat for the NDC.
The above solid justifications for the depreciation of votes however do not imply that all is well with the NDC at the grassroot in the Amasaman constituency. Several of our branches were weak. Improvements have though been made considering the level of participation in the branch elections. Majority of the current branch executives have shown keen interest in maintaining the seat and have pledged their commitment to the course. They need to be empowered to do more. The current Member of Parliament, Hon. Nii Okai Laryea has also pledged his commitment to bringing the party back to life and working hand in hand with the branches this time around.
There is a devastating division among the current Constituency Executive Committee members. The division that existed before the Constituency Elections is still existent and as the days go by, it rather deepens. This disunity was fueled by some regional and national executives due to their parochial interest in the run up to the Constituency Conference. I therefore call on the newly constituted Regional Executive body to try their possible best resolve this issue.
Nothing can prevent the NDC from maintaining the Amasaman seat. We all need to put aside our individual differences and work collectively for the betterment of the party in this constituency.
NPP has failed Ghanaians in all aspects. Cost of living is high, Dr. Bawumia has let loose the dollar(US$1=GHc5), one week one scandal(Over corrupt), family and friends government, elephantiasis government(111 ministers), poor implementation of progressive free SHS, over borrowing(Contrary to what the President and his vice said when they were in opposition), etc. They are simply super-incompetent.
We can not turn a deaf ear on Ghanaians’ call for us. We would surely bounce back into government in 2020. Insha Allahu.
The victory of the NDC is coming again.
3y3 Zu, 3y3 Za.
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