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Comment: 40 day observation by the Cosmic people

Kasa Barima
2018-09-13 01:00:26

Before non-arss-wiping Mungo Park, Socrates, Columbus et el sought to learn of us, my people knew about the 40 day observation in line with spirituality.

Yeshua knew about it before Constantine stole it for his fabrication. The days of the week, months of the year and a-whole-lip of astrological knowledge where loaded in the lives of my people before non-arss-wiping Galileo and all of Europe could dare the sea for fear of falling off the horizon.


Today, sadly, my people die for want of wisdom and are throwing away the real NyameAjah for spiritually bankrupt Massa empty beliefs.

You can't observe a 40 on the living, especially NyameAJahBa.

Here is my poem on Adaduanaen(40 day observation)



I no die sef wey my enemies dey observe Adaduanaen.

Me nnya nwuu y3 mpo na mo-o y3 me ho ayie

Mo mmere n’3b3ba ma y’ab> mo bayie

Obi ee-som ne Bosom na obi ngyina h>

Obi b> ne dua aaa, ny3 wo na wo t> ne kosua

M’adwons> af> m’afuroso

Timber ndua dunum, ay3 s3i p>tweeeee,

mo ntumi npia, mo ntumi nso nsu

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Kasa Barima on 09-13 01:00
40 day observation by the Cosmic people