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Comment: Superior races begging in the streets of Africa?

2018-12-06 16:28:59

Whites are superior to African blacks, we are told. White Arabs call blacks ABEED, meaning slave. Africa is backward and a shithole, we are told. Now comes a spectacle that makes nonsense of all those beliefs.


The capital of Ethiopia is no stranger to street beggars. Many people from the countryside flock into Addis Ababa looking for jobs and sometimes end up begging.

But recently, Syrians have been seen on the streets - an incongruous sight for most city dwellers.

Anas Mahamat holds up a sign in Amharic saying: “We are your brothers, we fled from Syria. We are in dire conditions. We ask you to help us in God’s name."

He is on the street from dawn to sunset asking for help with his entire family.

They arrived in Ethiopia three months ago and in the last few months more Syrians have sought refuge there - it is not known how many, but the government says it has now started registering them.

“We are trying to survive. We beg in the streets close to traffic lights and in mosques. I wish we were not doing this but we have no other option,” Mr Mahamat told the BBC.
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barima on 12-06 16:28
Superior races begging in the streets of Africa?