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Comment: NDC Aspirants Who Picked Up Form Have Betrayed th

Mawutor Amega
2018-12-07 00:59:28

These people who have picked up these forms at this exorbitant extortionate , price have betrayed the NDC and damaged the Party.

They should have taken a principled stand and boycotted this charade.

But by picking up these forms they have legitimised an illegal, shady and corrupt process.

They cannot beat the Chief Crook Mahama himself. All they have done is just to polish and legitimise this blatant daylight cheating by Mahama. They could have kept their gown white until a future date together with their money. But by picking this form they have equally soiled themselves.

May their names be written in the NDC Book of infamy for years to come.

Shame on all of them!!
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