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Comment: Webmaster, Please make Sil Independent

Kofi Ameko
2018-12-07 13:17:37

Sil must be standalone. It must be outside of the wall.Please change the security settings of the site. The 3 forms of information collection is unacceptable .

A few of us detest guerilla Google following and the dating features. Z'man, Kwaku Romeo, Fake Charles Agbenu, Bajan, T.T and others may like it. Mojo, Moi, and others leaving SIL detest it .

Sil must not be destroyed.
Your new business model will destroy Ghanaweb ya folks worked hard for and spent tons on.

With no malice towards Ghanaweb.
Down with Essex group of crooks.

Enye Kofi Ameko

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Kofi Ameko on 12-07 13:17
Webmaster, Please make Sil Independent