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Comment: My Mission is to Catch White Bad Guys

2019-01-12 02:59:40

It started as a kid and has never stopped in my old age. Catching wife-bangers or cheating spouses just happen to me. But ever since moi permanently moved to Vancouver from back East in 1992, crimes of passion and crimes in general just happen where moi is chilling. I started chasing White criminals since 1976 and hasn't abated since.

Moi was pepper-sprayed yesterday and fully-recovered by this morning. So I went to work in my business casual as usual. I decided to visit a Latino girlfriend of a White paddy moi had crossed paths with when he did some technical for our firm. The guy was fuming with rage and had laid his icy hands on the girlfriend. Moi happened to arrive at the time he was leaving and had delivered two dirty slaps to the crying lingerie-selling broad. This is to teach you a lesson never to fock Niggas again, he said when he walked past moi without saying holla.

Howdy, Joe? Moi inquired. "Fock you and your mama, Nigga" What has gotten into my paddy's head, eh, moi thought to myself. The sobbing of the girlfriend has now increased in decibels. Woman oh, woman. I usual don't care much about cheating girls, but this is personal, with Joe calling moi Nigga and all. So moi followed him and called the RCMP when he started screaming. That's public disturbance right focking there, not to mention the assault charge. Joe, while being chased was screaming that moi is hunting him down due to his race. The majority Chinese were looking at him in disbelief and proving moi with info of his whereabouts. Forgetting that moi was live with the RCMP, kept on saying to the Chinese how useless our national police is. They all nodded. There is a petition in the last election to replace them in Richmond and Surrey by the Chinese and East Indians.

He fled seeing how serious moi was charging at him whilst on the phone talking to the police dispatcher. I gave chase while describing him and direction of travel. The once mighty RCMP which brought down Al Capone and his gangsters during prohibition is now a shell of itself. First the officer went the opposite direction allowing Joe to flee a further two hundred yards. Joe was eventually cornered inside the upstairs parking lot of a bank. Instead of the officer entering the premise to where the suspect went, he was more interested in my statement. Despite all the info passed on to him by the dispatcher, the officer now wants to know if the suspect is armed, has pepper spray or a gun? That was stalling tactics by the four cops who responded. Three then entered the premises, returned ten minutes or so later to say they suspect had disappeared.
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JW on 01-12 02:59
My Mission is to Catch White Bad Guys