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Comment: NAM1 is Intelligent but not Wise

Nana Kwaku Romeo
2019-01-12 10:41:08

The guy sold fake gold under a pyramid scheme with clear evidence of fraud sitting right in front of our eyes. He didn't even try to hide it, it was as if he was saying look I'm here openly duping you and I dare you to catch me. These are some of the clear pointers that everybody missed.

1. The logo of Menzgold is a PYRAMID. A ponzi scheme is another name for a pyramid scheme.

2. He openly said the company traded in AURUM UTALIUM. Well according to the experts there's no precious metal that goes by that name, in criminal circles the name means FOOL's GOLD.

3. He drew up a long legal document that didn't mean anything. In fact ALL the laws he quoted were either repealed, were not Ghanaian or they didn't exist at all. The dude even managed to sneak in the Patriot Act of the USA.

It takes a very intelligent mind to come up with and sustain this scheme like he did.

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Nana Kwaku Romeo on 01-12 10:41
NAM1 is Intelligent but not Wise