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Comment: The Mighty Juju Keeping Handsome Moi Alive

2019-02-12 03:19:03

Why are some of you saying my juju is from Bambara. Sad to say of the three who chopped this fine juju at the Adeabeba shrine Kofi Kotoko once donated three fowls in my name to the okomfo prior to receiving his blessings to come to America, two have passed away, Kofi Snobbam and Sammy. After the juju chopping ceremony, moi was singled out by Tigari for special treatment.

Moi slept overnight in a special room and strengthened by all the gods, including wonna God Almighty of Israel. My seven years hiatus in Africa from 1984-1991 was just to get me away from Europe and into the hands of the North American god, where moi will eventually die and be buried or cremated. No more Africa for me la!
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JW on 02-12 03:19
The Mighty Juju Keeping Handsome Moi Alive