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Comment: Re: To Original Mythbuster-Who is Who?

2019-03-13 15:04:14

Bro,which of the above is strictly practiced solely by a specific ethnic group?

There re many christian ashantis and ewes as many indians and Kazakhstan moslems and various ethnic european jews, so yes, not all ewes practice Trokosi. My youngest brother is ewe,but he doesnt practice trokisi or any religion...Seen?

My point to you is, stop wasting your time,be proud of who you are- An African Warrior,a descendant of the original homo sapien and accordingly, do not need man-made religions and its associated god. Your people evolved first,and gave birth to the rest you worship today.

The African is God.Plain & Simple.

Claim it or continue following your recent born foreign gods and leave us alone.

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Re: To Original Mythbuster-Who is Who?