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Comment: Asantefuo never scare me in anyway!

Original Mythbuster
2019-03-14 19:21:25

You rather have every reason to be afraid if you're conscious enough to grasp what I mean.

You can hack and do whatever you want but you're not gonna get me to stop telling you the truth. Not even death scares me so just get used to it or just continue hacking while I gather more evidence to bust your village nyasses.

FYI, I'm not commiting any crime by telling you the truth. If you don't like what I tell you then GO TO HELL!

For this is just the beginning.

Go ahead, ask the government of the country where I reside about me to know whom you're dealing with. Wonna deceptive nyasses are on FIRE!

I want the whole world to know you for what you really are not what you advertise aggressively to the world. Got it?

Small minds can be easily led astray for I knew you'll come frantically hacking to see who is exposing your satanic selves so you can't trust anything you get on my computer.
And, you're complicating matters for your own deceptive selves. Fvcking satanists!
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Original Mythbuster on 03-14 19:21
Asantefuo never scare me in anyway!