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Comment: Where Is Kru? The Motormouth Is Slacking

Nana Osei Akoto
2019-03-14 20:41:06

People, what is going on? Paapa Sumo Kru used to post ten times a day on this forum. Then, he slipped into posting six times a day. After a while he became the three-times-a-day man. Now, the poor guy can hardly squeeze in one post a day. What has happened to our resident ka-na-wu, the original Land-Seaman?

Do we need to organize a campaign to save Kru? Mojo, where are you? Your pal is losing his touch. Please do something for him before he croaks.

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Nana Osei Akoto on 03-14 20:41
Where Is Kru? The Motormouth Is Slacking