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Comment: You're insulting our collective inteligence!

Original Mythbuster
2019-03-14 22:58:06

And MUST be told in no uncertain terms.

What don't you understand by my posts here on sil? Do you think you've that power to threaten me or insult my intelligence? If so, then bring it on. I have researched and know your criminal modes of operations around and determined to reveal your wicked and deceptive nature to all. Your hypnosis perhaps doesn't work or have any effect on me.

I am telling you that the so called golden stool is a deity (satanic) and has no place in a christian majority country as Ghana so if you think your threats will stop me from preaching to you against it then you lie BAD.

I don't come here to write about the same things you guys write about but to post meaningful teachings of life to awake our sleeping countrymen being led by evil and wicked satanists to the slaughter. Your stinking arrogance drove me to preach to you the gospel and place you where you belong as wicked deceivers according to the scriptures.

African Americans, Bantus all over the world and those brothers and sisters you people wickedly sold and dispersed must be told else you'll deceive them again when you started inviting them back to Africa.

You can't create a state within a state and try to over shadow other tribes like you're doing. It's a recipe for disaster sooner or later. You can't be caught together with drug dealers and left off the hook like that by your people in power, it's not fair to the other chiefs and people of Ghana. Note also that your chiefdom doesn't extend over your boundaries so stop the arrogance. The truth will be told so get used to it or go to hell.
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Original Mythbuster on 03-14 22:58
You're insulting our collective inteligence!