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Comment: Ignoramuses allergic to reading!

Original Mythbuster
2019-03-15 00:18:49

All you think of is your stomach but man shall not live by bread alone.

You don't even know whether you're Hamitic, Shemitic or Japhetic Africans but scream at the top of your devilish voices that you know. Gone are the days when primitive ignoramuses ruled. We're in the information age now so be bold and update yourselves a bit.

Been telling you that the original Hebrew Israelites (Jews) were blacks or people of colour and we the Bantus are the descendants of the Biblical Jacob (Israel). Our enemies went to great lengths to hide our real identity. The whole world knows who we are except ourselves. We're not from holes nor Ille Ife dem dem. We're the true children of Israel (Jacob).

Watch this 11 minutes video and learn to know thyself and stop the LIES if you can!
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Original Mythbuster on 03-15 00:18
Ignoramuses allergic to reading!