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Comment: Sins of the Catholic Church

2019-04-16 02:03:40

They encouraged slavery in Africa. Captured Red Indian kids from both Canada and America and killed most of them. Aborigines in Australia were not spared their wrath either in the name of their frigging Lord Jesus Christ. Indians, both boys, and girls were raped with the blessing of their Popes and hidden from prosecution by sending them abroad. Only fools worship the so-called God of these evil people.

A tornado just devasted a Southern state killing several people. In the Philippines, religious zealots are killed each year through hurricanes and tsunamis. Ghana, another clueless and kalabule country just got its just dessert with three hours of rainfall flooded their nyash leading to several deaths. Useless Negroes are fearful of these people and cannot stand up to their bullying. Burn baby Burn!
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JW on 04-16 02:03
Sins of the Catholic Church