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Comment: CRA Confiscated My Money

2019-07-12 02:22:12

Could it be the fall federal election which has enabled our tax collecting agency to go soft or what? Someone higher-up must have cautioned them to use kids gloves in dealing with delinquents. I should have paid the $5,000 owed by May 31, 2019, but moi ignored them. They sent me a letter yesterday saying they have transferred my GST/HSTC tax credit of $4.25 to pay for my income tax owing, and will continue doing so until the full amount owing is paid off. That, Mr. Commissioner might take about 500 years to pay off.

My beef is with how Trudeau is shipping our walatu dollars to focking countries in Africa and Asia to support their economies and treatment for early child deaths and other diseases. Fockers, these non-taxpaying useless people should not make babies if they cannot cater for them. Ghana, they say is receiving a whopping $1.3 billion of the $6 billion shipped to six countries in Africa. Fockers, why are your kalabule leaders building mansions and owning properties abroad with our tax dollars?

I want to sue the Canadian Government for misusing our tax dollars. Recent Canada-wide survey revealed that 65 percent of Canadians are just getting by, whilst half of the remaining citizens are split in half between suffering and living the lavida loco. Harper refused to support African countries and warned them to get their houses in order instead of begging hard-working Canadians for help.
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JW on 07-12 02:22
CRA Confiscated My Money