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Comment: Religion Now Med School Admission Qualification?

2019-08-13 17:47:24

Mahama did it, so Bawumia is also doing it.

Three things are clear from what these Muslim-oriented govt. leaders are doing.
1. Non-Muslims need not apply.
2. Academic qualifications do not get you into Med School. Unqualified or less qualified people will get in before you, if you are even considered or you are aware of the scholarship to even apply.
3. Zongo=Muslim=Zongo

"More ‘Zongo’ girls to be trained as doctors in Cuba " – Bawumia

is what Mahama said his government did.
"About six years ago, we got scholarships to send some children to Cuba to go and train as doctors in the medical professions. There was something significant that we did. When we got the scholarships, we deliberately decided to source girls from the Muslim communities in order that we can go train them as doctors.....................” he said.
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barima on 08-13 17:47
Religion Now Med School Admission Qualification?