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Comment: Who was Hypatia?

Kasa Barima
2019-08-13 22:13:37

For those who are brainwashed through “truth and fact sifted” Western history and education, who was Hypatia? Please don’t make the mistake of thinking she was brought to Egypt from the jungle. She was part of the “remnants” after the barbaric Romans destroyed a lot of the people living there and their history. Alexander the Shiit set a lot of educational institutions and libraries in Egypt on fire.

The Great mathematician/scientists was set ablaze just like many they murdered which aren’t on records.

As the Black reign in Egypt tapered off over years of invasion and push back, the remaining were finally defeated with survivors escaping southwards. Blacks had a an advanced world with science which is lost. This was way before the fabrications of Adam and Eve and the world DID NOT begin from that fabrication.

Who was Hypatia?
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Kasa Barima on 08-13 22:13
Who was Hypatia?
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