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2019-08-13 23:32:49

The current leader of the ruling government Nana Akufo Addo is very dangerous to our democracy but many are asleep and cannot see what’s being cooked in the Akyem cabal kitchen. Busia tried his hand at one sided Akan hegemony but failed miserably but Nana Addo is doing it in a much more subtle systematic way.

One will ask, Is Akufo Addo not doing the same things Busia did? Using government outfits to kill others businesses but doing it via government nonpayments has the same effect in the long run. Loans default and companies fold. Banks rules are changed Adhoc to fritter away banks and companies deemed as opposition businesses. Using crooks front for funny deals to amass wealth through all kinds of cronyism in the financial sector is not that different from what Busia did to dominate the economic terrain. Using paramilitias to clamp down the opposition is a subtle way of rendering them ineffective as a banned opposition. But these are just little bullets against our democracy. The real bombs are setting the stage for electoral manipulations in the near future into perpetuating dominance in elections.

Currently Nana Addo has now managed to create a partisan EC in order to use them to rubber stamp referendum elections to divide regions. Meanwhile he will not divide his strongholds regions like Asante or Eastern that are much larger than regions he had divided. Why is he doing this? So he can create electoral gerrymandering. The process is to set the stage for district boundaries to be drawn to give one political party an advantage over the other.

Currently Nana Addo has managed to divide regions and created new regions with new district capitals. But the way that regions are drawn takes decisive political power away from a cohesive opponent bloc otherwise at risk for discrimination. Look at the voting patterns of the new regions and you will understand what I am saying.

This scheme is hatched in a two step method. First divide regions to set the stage for gerrymandering and then add seats by dividing districts in the npp stronghold regions to obtain more seats in parliament to rubber stamp the gerrymandering agenda.

Unfortunately some of us can’t see the storms long before the clouds gather. If the NDC thinks this agenda is far fetched then they better study how electoral maps are manipulated elsewhere.

I predict it would not be long certain MPs will table up the agenda to have electoral school after the maps are drawn and more disctricts in Asante and Eastern added to control the house. This is a dangerous development and can set a stage for civil war in Ghana. Ghanaians must examine this agenda and stop it in its tracks before it’s too late. A word to the wise is enough.


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NiiAddotey1 on 08-13 23:32