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Comment: Canada Is a Funny Country

Auntie Sipa Eshun
2019-09-11 18:43:38

Is Canada an independent country or a colony of UK and 51st state of USA? Why do they still have the image of the Queen of England on their paper currency?

It looks like nothing exciting goes on in Canada and they supplement their sorry misery lives by poking their noses into US politics and entertainment culture. They are obsessed with political correctness and try to outdo their counter culture supervisors of liberal USA.

When it comes to the gay culture and the alphabet community they're always trying to outdo their USA supervisors. Their government issued a dollar coin with the image of two gay men kissing, with the inscription "Equality" and "Egalite" at the bottom to mark gay freedom anniversary.

USA food chain Chicken Fil A opened a joint in Toronto and their alphabet community went in there to protest because Chicken Fil A supports christian organizations.

Canadian ex Prime Minister Kim Campbell recently said she wants hurricane Dorian to wipe out Trump's Mar a Largo estate. When Trump won there was massive protest in Canada. Are they US citizens or do they vote in US elections?

The dream of every white Canadian who graduates from school is to land a job in the US. Most illegal aliens in US are white Canadians. Besides, Canadians only watch US news and television programs. Sometime ago we had free satellite radio service in our car and that when I discovered Canada really does have lots of radio broadcasts, besides CBC and what were they all talking about?- nothing but US movies and politics. What a funny country without its own identity.

I wish the orangeman had started his wall north of the border instead. The Canadians in Toronto Metro Area are now complaining because they're overwhelmed by refugee settlers.

I've always wondered why Americans refer to the Canadian dollar as the "looney". lol. Their government think they are so enlightened yet they can't create jobs for them as they use USA as a pressure valve. Those who may question why I'm picking on Canada-the answer is a Canadian neighbor and her USA husband pissed me off yesterday.
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Auntie Sipa Eshun on 09-11 18:43
Canada Is a Funny Country