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Comment: Pastor Duncan-Williams Now Unhinged Completely

2019-09-11 19:31:46

I survived assassination attempt – Duncan Williams

I was subjected to two years of investigations – Duncan Williams

Corruption fight can’t be won, it's a way of life - Duncan-Williams. He warned the preachers of corruption fight to be very careful because the call might lead to jailing "everyone" in the country.

Evil spirits preventing Ghana’s Presidents from governing well – Duncan-Williams. He said the spirit that rules over Ghana has, over the years, prevented substantive presidents from fulfilling their campaign promises until they are done with their terms in office.

No leader can transform a country without the supernatural - Duncan-Williams

Ghanaians are small-minded – Duncan-Williams


Questions for Duncan-Williams
1. What happened to him in Eastern Nigeria? How did he find himself in jail?

2. Why did the US ask Atta-Mills to investigate him, for what? Drug courier and or money laundering as rumour has it?

3. In which 3 instances would the corruption fight have put him in jail?

4. When and where did this assassination attempt take place?
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*barima* on 09-11 19:31
Pastor Duncan-Williams Now Unhinged Completely