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Comment: Why Canada Denying Ghanaian Students Visa

2019-10-10 14:22:23

My East Indian co-worker obtained his bachelor degree in Australia, tried to settled there and found a wall. He moved to the United States and he stands no chance. He is now in Canada and already married. It is not the marriage that concerns Massa but who he married. Unlike Ghanaians, Indians tend to marry their kind.

Now, most of these foreign students in North America are kalabule students using education to acquire citizenship. Some are even complaining about the higher tuition fees compared to that of natives, forgetting that we pay taxes. Upon graduation, Canada allows them to apply for work visas and eventually permanent residency. But this is where it gets dicey. Kululu Ghanaians will then marry White and refuse to return.

Marry your kind and disappear quietly into the abyss. So, knowing the record of Africans who abandoned their White wives and even half-caste children when they acquire wealth and decide to head back home, families of their wives will fight to prevent the marriage from taking place, but the stubborn Massa dawta, once they have tasted darkie kawula ain't no way they are going back to Massa weakling.
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JW on 10-10 14:22
Why Canada Denying Ghanaian Students Visa